When the site for Arimia was first chosen, one of the key attributes that made the site so appealing to us was its setting below a ridge, surrounded by natural bushland - it is pure Margaret River and our aim from the outset was to ensure we looked after the special character of the region for now and for future generations.

This is just part of the story.

Arimia trout pond.

With owner Ann's and Chef Evan's planning and assistance from the whole team at Arimia, we have been slowly and surely developing the way Arimia operates as a winery and restaurant with a focus on becoming as fully self-sustainable as we can, organically certified (aiming for 2018 certification), and ultimately producing the finest quality wines and dining experience using the freshest, tastiest and ethically supplied produce we can.

What really makes Arimia stand out from the crowd though is what is produced, and how. Firstly, everything produced at Arimia is grown using natural techniques and with no added nasties.

While not yet organically certified (hoping to be in 2018), the vines are managed using organic and biodynamic principles. What difference does this make to the wine? A lot! It means there are no insidious chemicals sprayed on the vines to control pests, or on the ground around the vines to control weeds. It might be something you want to look into before you buy your next bottle of wine, or feel free to ask us by email or next time you call in to the cellar door.

Aside from grapes, Arimia also has a healthy olive oil grove and bee hives, both providing produce used and sold at the cellar door.


Then there are the duroc / saddleback pigs, a recent edition to the Arimia fold but serving a multitude of tasks. Aside from the obvious, the pigs have proven invaluable at regenerating land previously overrun by noxious Arum Lily, turning it to become an expanded vegetable garden able to supply the majority of produce required for the restaurant.

Aside from pork on the menu, we also farm our own trout raised in a freshwater pond fed by a local creek running through the property.

90% of food served in the restaurant is now produced at Arimia and the property has been completely off-grid and solar powered since 2012 and ultimately we want Arimia to be as self-sustainable as possible.

Our most recent change to further embrace the self-sustainable goal has been the introduction of a completely new dining experience at Arimia.

As from December 2017 Arimia Restaurant is now offering guests a new dining experience with 2-course fixed-price menu for $55.00 per person and 4-course Taste Menu for $70.00 per person, with some dishes changing daily depending on availability and seasonality. There is also the option to pair each course with Arimia wines.

You may find the menu you see online is different to the one available when you visit the restaurant, but this means the dishes have been produced as ethically and sustainably as possible. If that does not matter to you, at least you will know that what is on the menu will be exceptionally fresh and delicious.

We look forward to serving you our new menu next time you visit.

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